Additional Information

ISBN: 978-1-949480-00-9

Format: Hardcover, 64 pages, 7 x 7

Publication Date: March 2019

Distributor: PGW

Retail: $15.95

ABCs of the ‘80s

Written by Erin Campbell & Illustrated by Desi Moore

Do you love the ‘80s? Do you miss the ‘80s? An ABC book all about a beloved decade for those who lived it and a fun introduction for those who didn’t.

From Alf to Zubaz, ABCs of the ‘80s is a totally rad ABC book for all ages. Kids of ‘80s kids will be introduced to such decade icons as cassette tapes, rainbow laces, and gummy bracelets; and kids who came of age in the ‘80s can relive their beloved era from A to Z.

About the Author

Erin Campbell Dunkerley has an obscene collection of Vans and fanny packs. After a career in entertainment production and working on films, she discovered she loved to write. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, where she creates books and content that bring together her love of writing about pop culture.

About the illustrator

When Desi Moore was a child in the '80s, she wanted to be Lisa Bonet. Instead, she designs movie posters and makes art for bands, brands and for fun. Desi runs her own small gallery called Showboat in Los Angeles, where she curates group and solo art shows.