Additional Information   ISBN: 978-1944903527  Format: Hardcover, 168 pages, 5.8 x 8.5  Publication Date: June 28, 2018  Distributor: PGW/Perseus  Retail: $24.94

Additional Information

ISBN: 978-1944903527

Format: Hardcover, 168 pages, 5.8 x 8.5

Publication Date: June 28, 2018

Distributor: PGW/Perseus

Retail: $24.94


a gentle cxo guide

Many industries are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the curve. As cognitive and AI platforms become smarter, companies are using deep neural networks to give them abilities they didn’t have before. It’s the augmented intelligence revolution, with AI enhancing existing businesses and creating even more opportunity for those willing to embrace it. Recent advancements in AI—including machine learning (ML), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP)—have ignited a dialogue about the ways businesses interact with their customers, partners, and competitors.

Embracing the Power of AI will help you demystify deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—and embrace the augmented intelligence revolution ahead.

About the Author

Globant (NYSE:GLOB) is a digitally native technology services company. We dream and build digital journeys that matter to millions of users. These kinds of digital journeys exceed the creation of a website, an app, or even a unified omnichannel experience. It involves the creation of a deeper relationship with the users by delivering memorable experiences that are personalized, time-sensitive, and context and location-aware. It’s what we call an omnirelevant experience. Ours is the place where engineering, design, and innovation meet scale. For more information visit

Javier is a devoted and passionate software engineer with years of experience. As the vice president of technology of the Artificial Intelligence Studio at Globant, he engages with companies to enhance digital journeys by leveraging cognitive and emotional aspects with the ever-increasing capacity of machines to learn and understand complex patterns. He utilizes state-of-the-art techniques, including deep learning, neural networks, or traditional machine learning approaches, coupled with hacking and engineering abilities.

Juan’s primary area of interest is working on the intersection of innovation, strategy, technology, and data. He is passionate about data, whether from a data science, data engineering, or BI data visualization mind-set, always looking for the ways in which technology enables and is the driver of business model innovation―true disruption is the result of both.

Haldo is an eager technology and math lover, with vast experience as a teacher and researcher in signal processing and machine learning. He's part of the leadership team of our Artificial Intelligence Studio at Globant. He's focused on the usage of AI algorithms in end-to-end applications, combining user experience, business needs, and technology innovation.

In 2003, Martín, with only a small start-up capital, co-founded Globant with three friends. Twelve years after its launch, Martín drove the company as CEO from a small start-up to a publicly listed organization with more than 6,700+ professionals, pushing the edge of innovative digital journeys in offices across the globe. Martín, whose passion is to inspire future entrepreneurs, frequently gives lectures to foster the entrepreneurship gene, and has won numerous prestigious industry awards, including the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Guibert has had a lifelong passion for cutting-edge technology and exploring how it fits into business and culture. He is one of Globant’s cofounders and now serves as CTO leading the execution of thousands of consumer-facing technology projects. He is a frequent speaker and thinker on how to drive a culture of innovation at scale in organizations. Guibert is widely recognized as one of the industry’s most influential leaders.