Additional Information

ISBN: 978-1-949480-01-6

Format: Hardcover with jacket, 32 pages, 9 x 9

Publication Date: May 2019

Distributor: PGW

Retail: $15.95



Written by Julie Verner, PhD & Illustrated by Jillian Verner

A little girl grows smaller and smaller in response to her parents’ divorce in this picture book written for children whose parents are breaking up. 

Penny can’t figure out why she is getting smaller and smaller. Her roller skates are too big. Her clothes no longer fit. And, she can no longer reach the kitchen sink or her desk at school! But, when a kind teacher notices something is wrong and shares her own experience of getting smaller, Penny discovers she is not alone, and that her parents’ divorce need not be her story.

About the Author

Dr. Julie Verner is a clinical psychologist and parenting expert who specializes in divorce. She understands the impact of divorce and the needs of children during this painful transition. She is committed to assisting children and their families in achieving a healthy adjustment and optimal outcomes following divorce.

About the illustrator

Jillian Verner is a young artist with a fresh voice. She is passionate about social issues and committed to the well-being of children. Art has become one of her favorite spaces to image justice and give a voice to those who may not feel heard.